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Why TWM NFT's?

“ The Wicked Monarch” is a Comic-based, TWM : PVP Battle 3D Role-Playing action game which utilizes NFT technology on the WAX blockchain network.

Stake 2 Earn Holders are able to stake their NFTs on our website. Stakers can earn $RBIT tokens as a reward on hourly basis through staking which they may use in the gameplay OR encash easily.

Play 2 Earn Our gamers can hit the arena hassle free to fight against the competitive opponents & earn ransom amount of money with this “Bounty matches”.

In-order to increase the chance of winning, Gamers have to unleash the new supernatural character, Gamers have to burn their NFTs & unlock the specific character in the game. (NFT's will be burned day by day in the game & demand increases due to lesser supply)

The Powerful Characters can also be purchased/sold in the TWM trade shop.

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Play 2 Earn is also known as “Bounty Match"

How it works ?
TWM Roadmap

The Wicked Monarch Upcoming Infrastructure

Q3, 2019
Phase 1 - Foundation

⦿ Panel board preparation and further creation on comic
⦿ Working on a strong legit plan along with developers
⦿ Collaboration with co-author
⦿ Hiring Panelist

Q1, 2021
Phase 2 - Implementation

⦿ Hiring Artists
⦿ Story auditing and hiring a editor
⦿ First Poster release on Webtoon
⦿ NFTs planning

Q3, 2021
Phase 3 - NFT foundation

⦿ Create a collections of NFTs on the wax blockchain
⦿ Finalize the NFTs and Get whitelisted on Atomichub Marketplace (Biggest NFT market in the World)
⦿ Airdrop Announcement
⦿ Verification on Atomic Hub
⦿ Partnerships and collaborations with various digital platforms
⦿ World wide NFT marketing
⦿ Airdrop Distribution
⦿ First Crowdsale

Q4, 2021
Phase 4 - Expansion

⦿ Implementation of NFT Blending(New)
⦿ Creating TWM Market
⦿ Future NFT series execution
⦿ Publicity of comic on webtoon

Q1, 2022
Phase 5 - Growth

⦿ TWM game development
⦿ TWM game release Worldwide
⦿ Enabling TWM NFTs Staking on Game and much more surprises.

Q1, 2023
Phase 6 - Evolution

⦿ Enlargement of NFT Marketplace
⦿ Custom blockchains for NFT
⦿ Bridge system for cross-chains.

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